Paul Janssen

Kooyman is on the move

International expansion and e-commerce ‘There is always something to do’. With this slogan, Kooyman not only addresses the private consumer as well as the construction … Read more

Column) Mortality

Early January, late at night. I am startled by a WhatsApp message from my daughter. Close to her place it is full of emergency services with blue … Read more

Column) A Future CEO…

Recently, my household became pretty disrupted by the arrival of Australian relatives: a husband, his wife, and their four daughters between the ages of 8 … Read more

It’s all about work ethics

The University of the Dutch Caribbean educates critical students Twenty-five years ago, Ruud Thuis wondered what he could mean for the business community in Curacao. … Read more

Aruba) The Aruba Factor

Building with Obstacles Two eight-story towers rise at the foot of Eagle Beach Bay. The luxury condominiums and penthouses, called Azure Beach Residences, are built … Read more

Column Fatsoen

Ik leef van communicatie. Ik verdien mijn zelfstandigenbrood deels met mensen met mooie woorden naar concertzalen lokken, partijen bij elkaar brengen en mensen informeren over … Read more