Terms and Conditions

The advertising contract with Entrepreneur magazine must be signed before placing the ad. If the agreement is not signed and returned before placing the ad, Entrepreneur magazine keeps the right to not place the ad.

Delivery of Content
The advertiser has the obligation to deliver text for Entrepreneur magazine on time (before deadline). All text and photo work must be delivered in digital form to the publisher.

A new PDF file must be sent in case there are errors sent advertising material. Entrepreneur magazine accepts no corrections over the phone. Entrepreneur magazine accepts no liability for orally transmitted corrections. All materials should be sent within the prescribed period by email.

When printing in color ads, Entrepreneur magazine accepts no liability for any minor deviations from the colors of the original material. Entrepreneur magazine reserves the right to reject complaints about advertisements which indicated that they were not suitable for printing. The advertiser is responsible to deliver the advertising material in accordance with our guidelines.

Late submission of the material
In case of late submission of the material, Entrepreneur magazine reserves the right to not place the ad. Despite the advertising space will be passed, or the advertisement is printed or not.

Errors in the material
No reduction in advertising costs will be granted in case Entrepreneur magazine not to blame for the occurrence of an error. Entrepreneur magazine accepts no responsibility for errors in advertisements for which the material was not submitted on time.

For errors that are not caused by the advertiser, a reduction in the price will be calculated in accordance with the reduction in the value of the ad. In no case shall an allowance may be higher than the cost of the ad. Complaints must be filed within 14 days after insertion of the advertisement. Any complaint must be received within 14 days after the invoice date by Entrepreneur magazine.

Cancellation of an order must be in writing and addressed to Entrepreneur magazine four weeks before the final submission of the advertising material.
In the event of a late cancellation, a cancellation fee of 75% charged.

Payment Terms
Payment within 30 days will be granted. The ad will be charged approximately 4 weeks prior to the advertiser. All ads are calculated in accordance with the prices in effect on the date of insertion.

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