About Us

The Entrepreneur is Aruba’s and Bonaire’s and Curacao’s only free business magazine and soon Entrepreneur Sint Maarten will be joining the family as well. This quarterly issued free of charge booklet is full of interesting and up-to-date topics about the development and economics of our own corporate Dutch Caribbean.

The magazine offers information about companies and training courses. It brings you the latest innovations on the business market. It investigates and reveals the secrets of success of flourishing companies and illuminates the dos and don’ts in the business world. Imagine everything you always wanted to know about how to make your business even more successful and the interesting interviews, tips, columns and other business related issues will show you the way. Moreover, the tailor-made for each and every island online and hardcopy magazines are completely tuned in on the business framework of the several islands.

That’s how the Entrepreneur is able to give starters, business owners, companies and investors insight into the corporate world of the Dutch Caribbean.
Because the business magazines feature all kinds of enterprises, corporate legislation and quarterly facts and figures, among other things, one really gets to know the ins and outs of doing business on the islands and how to meet possible challenges. Besides this unique opportunity to share experiences, inform and learn from each
other, the Entrepreneur strengthens the economic bonds and encourages cooperation and partnerships within and beyond our islands’ borders.

In other words: Get the latest edition, make sure you are up to date, see how others managed their success and improve your business even more!