KvK workshop: Marketing Automation

KvK workshop: Marketing Automation in Aruba, Dutch Caribbean

This workshop will focus on two things: automation and marketing, and how to use both to improve your return on your investment, whether it is to increase reactions to your “calls to action”, lead generation campaigns, and your support of current and prospective customers.

One such tool are chatbots, and we will show participants how to create their own free account with an easy to use tool, as well as usable “case studies” on how to take advantage of this type of automated marketing.

We will also introduce you to our CRM automation marketing platform that offers up many features such as landing page and website builder, built in form- and survey-builders, campaign and funnel creators, automated email and SMS communication with your leads and customers, calendars and appointment builder, and many more…all with the purpose of automating everything from lead generation to customer communication and management.

And finally highlight how we can “link” such tools to make your life even easier; as well as product ideas to actually document actual return on your investment of your digital marketing.

Date: Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Time: 2pm – 4pm

Place: Auditorium, Aruba Chamber

Admission: Free!

Please sign up here: https://arubachamber.com/pages/event/kvk-workshop-marketing-automation/

For more information, visit the official Facebook event.