Business Planning 360 Workshop

Join the most intense and exciting Business Planning workshop ever, and get your investment-ready business plan and financial forecast completed.

Business Planning 360 Workshop

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

* Develop a comprehensive business model for your business venture using the Business Model Canvas

* Write a complete company description, including the mission and vision statements and the company philosophy

* Create a clear description of the products and/or services that your company will sell

* Create a marketing plan, including your unique selling proposition (USP), a competitive analysis and your marketing strategy

* Develop an operational plan that explains how your company will produce and/or deliver the products and services

* Develop an overview of startup expenses and capital investments

* Prepare a company’s financial plan (balance sheet, income statement and statement of cash flows)

Target Audience

Potential and starting entrepreneurs who are looking for support to develop a robust, investment-ready business plan and financial forecast, and anyone interested in learning more about business modeling and planning.

Course Fee in Aruban Florins:

Afl. 95,= per participant.

Date: December 10th 2019.

Includes: course material (book), MS Excel sheets, handouts, snacks, coffee and refreshments.

Call: 5885975 or 5922380 for more info or email us at

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