will soon provide Pump-Out Services at the Marina

The Harbour Village Marina is pleased to announce that it has completed the installation of 2 pump-out boat sewage facilities at the Marina. Boats, registered and docked at the Marina, will get free pump-out service during the introductory period. Boats in the moorings will receive the first pump-out free of charge.

The success of this project will require that ALL BOATS be equipped with a Marine Sanitation Device (MSD) consisting of holding tanks and “Y” valves, to redirect sewage disposal overboard through a deck fitting.

Boats moored inside the Marina will be prohibited from dumping or emptying their holding tanks inside the Marina. Furthermore, boats will be required to come to the sewage pumping stations for pumping out their holding tanks. Those boats without holding tanks will be prohibited from discharging sewage while in the marina and will be required to use the Marina bathrooms. 

The Marina Management emphasizes the importance of the yachting community’s participation and awareness towards this initiative. We are optimistic that we will receive cooperation from the yachting community, since properly disposing boat sewage will make a difference in the water quality and will help to preserve the coral reef. Discharging sewage overboard can spread disease, harm marine life, impact nutrient levels in the water and compromise the reef.


We hope that by providing onshore waste collection facilities, we can all start to make a difference, by Pumping it, instead of Dumping it.