Payroll Pro HRM, a complete software package for the Caribbean

The current pandemic has made it clear that digitalization is the way to go during these trying times. We have seen companies, big and small, make the transition to have their employee data paperless and digital.

Developed by Gamma IT Solutions, a software developmt ent company based in Aruba and Curacao, Payroll Pro HRM was created as a complete and fully integrated payroll and human resources software solution. A software solution that allows organizations to have their financial and human resources data digitally on premises or in the Cloud.  

Payroll Pro HRM has been on the market for more than 25 years in Aruba. During that time, it has also been exported to Curacao, Bonaire, St. Maarten, Saba, St. Eustatius, Suriname and most recently to Jamaica. It has grown to adapt and fulfill the needs of clients all across the Caribbean.

Payroll Pro HRM is incredibly flexible, serving clients of all sizes, from small and medium companies to multinationals and governments, with the high levels of quality and performance across the board. 

Not only does Payroll Pro HRM adapt to the sizes of each company, but it is also adaptable and suited for a diverse range of industry sectors, serving governments, hotels, restaurants, consultancy and auditing firms, banks and other financial institutions, small businesses, recruitment agencies, lawyers and many other types of clients. 

One of the most remarkable characteristics that users refer to when talking about Payroll Pro HRM is that the software is very user-friendly. By all means, Payroll Pro HRM counts with many functionalities and features, but these are very easy to navigate and allows the user to create a functional set up from the start. 

Payroll Pro HRM also comes with incredibly exceptional interfacing capabilities. Understandably, each sector has its own set of payroll requirements and preferences, Payroll Pro HRM finds a way to address them all well.

Security is a priority for Payroll Pro HRM, which is the reason that all the data is kept securely in an encrypted database. 

Payroll Solution

Any organization aims to always have an accurate payroll for its employees. In order to correctly do so, Payroll Pro HRM has made it its priority be exceptionally adaptable to the latest market, legal and industry changes. Payroll Pro HRM works closely with the tax and legal departments of each of the countries where it caters to guaranteeing its clients that all calculations are always based on the most up-to-date tax tables and changes.

Integrated Human Resources System

Payroll Pro HRM believes in efficiency and for this reason it created a way to integrate the Human Resources Department information into its payroll solution. Continuously working together with leading HR advisors in the Caribbean makes is how the Human Resources Module came to life. Payroll Pro HRM allows organizations to work better, faster and more reliable by streamlining their client’s information. 

The Human Resources Module has many features, such as:

•Automated Checklists


•Employee Training Management

•Organogram on function or department

•Mail merge on standard documents

•Electronic Personnel files

•Disciplinary actions

•Performance evaluation

•Recruitment module

•Scheduling and time registration

•And many more

Online Self-Service Portals

As a way to accommodate and better serve the HR Managers and HR Officers, Payroll Pro HRM created a web-based application, called the Self-Service Portals. These Self-Service Portals are designed to work with Payroll Pro HRM in order to enable employees to literally serve themselves. These portals are accessible from any device from anywhere in the world, easily accessed by logging in with an employee number and password. 

Firstly, there is the Employee Self-Service (ESS) Portal for employees to either review their personal information or access personal documents. Employees are able to download their pay slips, wage tax cards, send messages to their HR officer, request vacation days and/or sick days. 

Secondly, there is also a Manager Self-Service (MSS) Portal. This portal will accommodate companies that use an approval process involving department managers for the approval of vacations and/or to have access to several dashboards and overviews. 

In an effort to also cater to a very important group of clients, the accountants, Payroll Pro HRM also created the Accountant Portal. The Accountant Portal was especially developed to help accountant firms and bureaus to better serve their clients. 

The Accountant Portal is a self-service portal that allows the clients of accountants and accounting firms to log into the portal to carry out some tasks independently, such as:

•Download wage tax cards

•Download pay slips

•View personal information of its employees

•Have an overview of each of its employee

•Access external links 

•Create new employees

•Have an overview of the overtime registrations

•Register new payroll mutations

•Precheck the pending payroll

•Access reports

•Have an overview of employees on vacation

With the Accountant Portal the client of the accountant can thus perform a series of tasks without having to depend directly on the accountant each time. This way both the accountant and its client can work more time efficient and competently. 

Local Support

Payroll Pro HRM is very proud of having key partners in all the markets where its software is present. This allows Payroll Pro HRM to offer support from local, very skilled consultants to each and every client in all countries. 

The local partners of Payroll Pro HRM are also responsible for the sales and distribution of the software.