Cadena Consultants

Cadena is a business consulting company that provides business support in the areas of HR, Management and Business owners. To be able to offer a superior service, the company emphasizes a customer focused approach and long-term solutions.

The name Cadena, which means chain, stands for business processes that consist of a succession or a chain of professionals and departments in a company. Each link of this so-called chain has a certain role. A dysfunctional link causes an imbalance that needs to be fixed. Here is where Cadena comes into play. 

Cadena focuses on the following three target groups, Employees, Managers and Business owners. The target groups are coached by Cadena and provided with hands-on support. This mainly concerns questions that relate to labor laws, occupational health and safety challenges and issues that relate to the sustainable recruitment and empowerment of employees and managers.

Cadena’s approach
The company sees to it that its consultants offer adequate service to its customers. According to the company, a well-functioning consultant, after having acquired the proper training background and experience, should be focused mainly on customer satisfaction and billable actions. Of course, money has to be made (billable actions), but according to Cadena the best way to achieve that is by focusing on customer satisfaction. 

From the experience of the company customer-oriented thinking and acting can sometimes be difficult for consultants. A consultant can quickly be inclined to regard his or her expertise as the “all-determining” factor. As a result, the inquisitive eyes and ears sometimes close, just a little too quickly, and he or she does not listen sufficiently to the customer. He or she may pass by or ignore the true wishes or the actual needs of the customer.

The consultants of Cadena also had to learn how to avoid this pitfall. Through training its consultants learned important skills to recognize this shortcoming and to carry out activities to prevent it. This often has to do with insufficient research. In other words, far too little is asked. The consultant thus shoots into the solution mode too quickly and stops with the most important phase of his advisory process, which is the research phase. A proper research provides the client a customer-friendly and pleasant experience and the proposed solution will fully connect with the actual wishes of the customers.

The role of the consultant
Opportunism can also come into play. Consultants sometimes do not dare to sell NO to the customer. Still it’s important for the consultant to always stick to his or her profession. Some consultants are too afraid to sell NO or are blinded by the money that can be earned with certain assignments. According to Cadena if something is not the expertise of the consultant, it’s best to tell customers that he is not the right consultant for the job and make sure to help them find a more suitable party. Consultant should give honest advises and make sure to always provide customers with suitable solutions.

It can also occur that advises aren’t sold well. A lot of times consultants only give advice and are therefore not responsible for the end result. According to Cadena this is not the right approach. A self-respecting consultant always backs his client up, offer him / her hand-on support whenever necessary and is mainly focused on the end result. The end result should always be measured and be included in the agreement that is reached during the quotation processes.

Ultimately, the goal is that customers experience the advice they receive as clear, understandable and foremost useful. Cadena always focuses on the empowerment of its customers and makes sure they are served for the long term.

Cadena is eager to transfer knowledge and make sure that its customers can stand on their own two feet. The company is not afraid of losing clients when doing so. It considers being able to give customers recommendations that will have a lasting positive impact, more important.