MyChamber: how you can make the online experience a pleasant one!

Afvalverwerkingsbedrijf Selibon is aan het veranderen. Wereldwijde inzichten die van duurzaamheid en een beter en schoner milieu prioriteiten hebben gemaakt, de groei van de bevolking, wet en regelgeving uit Nederland, het Blue Destinationconcept en de gezamenlijke verantwoordelijkheid voor een schoon en gezond Bonaire hebben de transitiemotor verder opgevoerd.

The Aruba Chamber of Commerce and Industry has gone digital. One of the reasons to move from a paper-system to a paperless digital system is to offer a modern service and offer the clients the possibility to have more control on the information of their registered entities and removing the need to make trips to the office of the Chamber and stand in line to be able to do any business-related matter. Now, registration of a company can take place anytime, anywhere and with ease. Since the user will be the one in responsible for the input of information it is important to provide some basic tips which would facilitate this process. The idea is that the steps are not too complex and that anyone who wants to start a business or already has a business and wants to review information or change any detail regarding their business are able to do so. 

Read carefully
Starting a business is a big step. It is utmost important to read carefully what is being requested from you. Do not rush this process because information that is incorrectly entered will not be processed and you will need to re-enter all the information as if it is a new request. The Chamber will review the information submitted and if this is not correct than the request cannot be processed.

Have e-mail linked to a mobile phone
It is a requirement with the new system to have an active e-mail which will be used to link with the account. The MyChamber is a web-based service that identifies users and their account via their e-mail. Hereby you identify yourself and you can access your information in a secured environment. Furthermore, this e-mail has to be linked to a mobile phone as a means of authentication to facilitate all the services. The MyChamber is a web-based service and the client can enjoy of having all the information processed through their favorite device without having to visit the office of the Chamber for any matter concerning the company.

Have the necessary documents
It is important to check if you have all the required information.
Consult with the website of the Chamber or contact the Chamber to inform and obtain the checklist specific for your particular situation. This will facilitate and speed up the process for handling your request.

The right way to write the local addresses
The Chamber applies the official way to write down the official information such as local addresses. Please take care into verifying whether you are using the correct naming. In case you have any doubts of the official naming used consult with the Chamber for this information.

Review the information before moving forward
Always verify that the information you provided is correct and complete. Make sure you have revised the spelling and that there are no typing errors in the information provided. Check also whether the files you are required to include is uploaded with your request before you send the information.

Contact the Chamber for further assistance
If you encounter any situation where you feel you need support or guidance from the Chamber you can always contact by sending an e-mail to or contact at 582-1566.