Operations Management


  • October 22th
  • October 29th
  • November 5th

Operations Management focuses on the management of key resources required to produce products and services within the framework of an organizational structure. Operations entail a systematic approach and control of the processes that transform inputs (e.g. human resources, facilities, materials, Information systems etc.) into finished goods and services.


The operations function consists of the core wealth creation processes of a business and helps an organization to efficiently achieve its mission while constantly increasing productivity and quality. The principles of operations management and strategy, innovation and design of processes, products and services, forecasting and management of capacity, and operations improvement and risk management are covered.

At the end of the course, participants need to complete a final written exam. A Certificate of Completion is awarded if the course is successfully fulfilled. Participants also receive an official transcript for their grades and course credits.

  • Course Fee in Aruban Florins:

  • Per participant: AFl. 875.=, including turnover taxes.

  • Includes: course material, handouts, snacks, coffee and refreshments.

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