Security is not having things… it’s handling things

Your eyes widen, your body heats, the heart beats faster, your legs are trembling, the stomach chums, your head feels dizzy and it’s hard to  think clear…. 

If you’re on Netflix I’m sure you’ve seen these signs in the movie or t.v show that you’re addicted to. But even if you turn on the T.V.  and watch the news you see demonstrations, people under threat, assassination attempts and so on. And that is real! Maybe you have  been in a dangerous and exciting situation yourself? And then you know what happens with your body when you’re in danger. After you were chased by a dog or after you were just so lucky to not fall of the cliff, you feel something again. In the moment you are not fully aware. 

You are in another state. It’s the brain who detects a problem and makes sure all these physical things that I mentioned above, are happening. This is how your body handles a dangerous situation. Adrenaline is the famous hormone that put your body in the fight and flight state. Due to the wide eyes, more blood-flow and the stronger legs you can run faster as ever or you can just in time hold on to something. It’s not fun to experience it but important to handle it. A dangerous situation is a process, you are going through. It’s not something ‘fixed’ , not a product. Like you have experienced it once, and you won’t be scared anymore. I’m talking about a life threatening extern situation, but it can be something different as well.

Let’s take our immune system. The fight – flight state is a security system. Our immune system is also a good security system for your body. Some food is fine and will digest, some food is poison, something can be nice in your stomach but a few years later it can be your allergy. Your immune system is helpful and gives signs if something is not right (vomiting or getting a fever for example). Again: it is not fun to feel it and to have it, but good to handle it. We have these security systems in our body and mind working every single day. Security is a process, not a product. It’s changeable. It is a fantastic system that we own.

Unfortunately, there is no security in life only the opportunity to handle dangerous situations. Intern and extern. 

My advice: Train it well. By eating healthy which improves your immune system. Exercising that makes sure you’re not at high risk having a heart attack after a stressful event. So you can handle the stress or situation a bit more….