The future is electric

Dynaf wants to play a key role in the Caribbean transition to sustainable energy. Dynaf offers complete, customized, sustainable power solutions with lifelong maintenance and 24/7 services. Through continuous innovations and knowledge sharing, Dynaf aims to be a leader for customers, employees and business partners. As we are finishing 2020, good time to reflect and look forward to new milestones.

Dynaf has been delivering power solutions for more than 20 years, but this year was perhaps the most challenging year in history; Coronavirus, islands in lockdown, political instability resulting in economic uncertainty. 

Flexibility and creativity was asked from the team. 

Working from home and digital (sports and business) meetings were (re)discovered. Working hard and smarter together; developing people, products and the organization, all branches have emerged stronger. Dynaf Group is a stable organization that has now proven that it can survive even in times of crisis. The team determine the strength of the organization, which is why we’ll always have an eye for talents. 

People we can learn from, bringing in new ideas and daring to take the lead in further professionalization of the organization.

We hope to continue building renewable energy projects in the Caribbean that will contribute to an 100% renewable energy island in 2033.

It’s possible
Unlike most countries in the world, about 40% of the current electricity production in Curaçao is already generated by wind and solar energy. Besides that most islands are well endowed with one or more renewable energy sources such as wind, sun and wave power. That’s why realizing an island living for 100% from renewable energy in 2033 is possible.

Dynaf has the ambition to open a new office on Bonaire. 

In addition to the head office in Curaçao, we will then have offices in Aruba, Sint Maarten and on Bonaire. At the moment, all projects on Bonaire are organized from Curaçao office and realized with local business partners. Also the Dynaf service team will be professionalized with a service management system. The entire service process across all islands will be automated which leads to more productive employees and a

further increase in our customer satisfaction. Dynaf also wants to improve the infrastructure for electric vehicles with her new brand, D-POINT stations. This enables customers to use the fastest and most efficient charging technology, both at home and at work.

Opportunities for everyone
Opportunities for everyone. The ambitions mentioned above and the working with renewable energy doesn’t bring only chances for Dynaf, but can lead to direct economic benefits fir the entire island. Fossil fuels no longer need to be imported and a transition to renewable energy can strengthen sustainable

tourism marketing strategies on the Caribbean islands, which will increase the number of tourists. In addition, rapid application of renewable energy sources can decrease energy costs and improve wellbeing of island communities through less air- and water pollution and create jobs.

Tomorrow is not a vague promise, it is a guarantee. 

Let’s power the future together!