Centipede; with entrepreneurial blood

Although he is only 28 years old, Shamiro Anita will soon start, with the support of Qredits, with his fourth company.
‘And that is certainly not the last one’, he says convincingly. Entrepreneurship is a matter of course for Shamiro, who calls himself a serial entrepreneur.

At a young age he started working in the video store of his father, who was not only an entrepreneur but also a fireman. The latter inspired Shamiro when starting his first company in 2012: Customize Fire & Safety Solutions (CSFF), a company that provides different services
to small, medium and large size enterprises. CSFF is specialized in the installation of fire detection & alarm systems, sprinkler systems, firefighting equipment and home automation systems along with the continued process of maintenance and consultations. Just like in all Shamiro’s other companies, the concept of ‘one-stop-shop’ is the basic principle, easy to explain as the central offering of various linked services. Shamiro received the basis for this in the education he attended, combined with the conviction that it is possible to make life easier for entrepreneurs. He obtained his master’s degree in Business Management and Organization Control at the University of Curacao in 2015 and is currently working on a DBA in Business Administration at Phoenix University. 

In 2016 Shamiro affiliated with Bizness Success Inc, an American ‘one stop shop’ concept for business development.  This international online service company is dedicated to helping other businesses reach their maximum potential by not only providing consultancy and coaching but also with real-life strategies, practical tools, and guidance. Besides business consultancy and coaching, sales & marketing plans, business plans and more, trainings are offered for businesses and entrepreneurs. Developing websites and mobile app design for all types of businesses or non-profit organizations also forms part of the portfolio. Shamiro explains: ‘we strive to be a one-stop place for businesses to get everything they need to reach success.’ 

When asked why he made the choice to become an independent entrepreneur, Shamiro firmly answers: ‘because I want to be financially free and want to function as independently as possible’. Shamiro does not hire any people, all work is done in a network context with mainly freelancers. He is critical of who he works with: ‘you really need the good people who are willing to stick their necks out and work hard’. He managed to build a strong network of which at this moment 5 persons are active in Bizness Success, 20 persons in CSFF, 4 in real estate activities and 2 persons join him in the starting initiative Marketz. 

Marketz is a new platform on Curacao where not only products but also services are offered. Both local and international providers can offer their goods and services for sale. ‘You could compare it locally with Marktplaats.cw, Bol.com in the Netherlands or internationally with for example Amazon.com’ says Shamiro. ‘Our dream is to become that big, but with a wider range of around 1 million products and services. We distinguish six features: selling products, selling services, organizing contests, offering a marketz points savings system and offering our own payment method in the form of an alternative credit card.’  The idea for Marketz came into being when he was driving around in Saliña and saw the contrast that in this economic crisis many companies are closing while others are doing very well. He decided to investigate the secret behind the success of some cases.

A retailer gave him the answer: people like discounts. Shamiro translated this answer into the idea of organizing online discount promotions for retailers and help them by developing an app for discounts. He approached Qredits to finance the marketingactivities and organizing a sales event to bring his idea to the public. A soft launch of Marketz is planned in April the big launch in October 2019.

Shamiro is very positive about the way Qredits work. He was tipped by a friend and experienced the services of Qredits as fast and professional, definitely recommendable for new companies or new initiatives. He himself also likes to mention some tips for starting entrepreneurs: ‘Preliminary research is important, don’t just start a business, test your idea first. Don’t do it to get rich quickly, starting your own business costs a lot of time, money and efforts and therefore requires the right mindset. By choosing something you are passionate about it’s easier to stick with your goals, stay committed and not to give up too easily even in difficult times. Important is also to stay focused on self-improvement, don’t reject criticism or feedback, but welcome it. It helps to formulate concrete goals, put them on paper, hang them in a visible place and literally think and evaluate them
every day.’

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