Bonaire) How to Manage Absenteeism

One of the big challenges of Human Resource (HR) Management is about managing absenteeism and/or sick leave. Many Dutch Caribbean companies are managed by professionals, who are doing a really good job in their field of expertise, but are in need of extra support or advice the moment complex questions or problems arise. Absenteeism can be a difficult issue to address. One can see absenteeism as a mirror of the company’s and the employees’ wellbeing. To know what is really going on, it is necessary to have good look in this mirror and ask what it is actually telling us. In other words, what is really causing someone’s sick leave or absenteeism? The first thing we need to realize is that absenteeism is mostly a multifactorial problem, which is not only caused by sickness. The first factor people think about is a disease or a chronic medical condition. But absenteeism can also be induced by conflicts at the workplace, demotivation caused by mismanagement, stress, harassment at work, heavy or unmanageable workloads, difficulties at home, unsafe situations, and the list goes on. To tackle issues that have little to do with a disease or a chronic medical condition CHS by Medwork has a team of different professionals, such as human resource managers, change managers, labor experts, insurance physicians, company doctors, and financial consultants. All are well equipped and able to respond properly when problems arise. By doing so these professionals become the mirror and provide employees and employers with tailor-made medical and non-medical advices and solutions. Nowadays, companies are starting to acknowledge more and more that it is not just a matter of being ill or not. Therefore, the demand for multidisciplinary service packages is growing quickly. So let’s look deeply in the mirror of absenteeism to find the real cause of any work or health related problem and resolve it quickly and properly.

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