Below you will find an overview of the vacancies on Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao from 2 months ago until now.

If you want to know more about the vacancy click on the title and you will see more information. If you are interested in this vacancy, please send your letter of application directly to the address of the contact person and refer to the vacancy of with the starting date. If you do not find a suitable vacancy now, check the website again in a few days.

Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao regularly requires employees at MBO, HBO and academic level, preferably knowledge of Papiamentu and the culture of the islands.Good luck with your application!

The employers on Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao can send their vacancy in a word file by email to the editors ( The vacancies are placed on the website within 48 hours with a link to LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook this all for he amount of $75,00.

Island Title Company Start date
BonaireGriffierOpenbaar Lichaam Bonaire22 January 2020
BonaireProject MedewerkerFundashon Plataforma Kultural16 January 2020
BonaireFinancieel Administratief MedewerkerOpenbaar Lichaam Bonaire16 January 2020
BonaireDocent PapiamentuScholenGemeenschap Bonaire13 January 2020
BonaireApplicatiebeheerderScholenGemeenschap Bonaire13 January 2020
BonaireDirecteur Kolegio Rayo di Solo   Stichting Openbaar Onderwijs Bonaire13 January 2020
BonaireSheriffs Security Force N.V. BonaireSheriffs Security Force N.V. Bonaire9 January 2020
BonaireMedisch Adviseur ZVKZorgverzekeringskantoor BES8 January 2020
BonaireFinance ManagerMaduro & Curiel's Bank 27 December 2019
BonaireHousekeeperResort Bonaire24 December 2019
BonaireAccount Manager CorporateMaduro & Curiel's Bank 23 December 2019
BonaireVicevoorzitter Centraal Dialoog BonaireRijksdienst CN17 December 2019
BonaireStrategisch adviseur organisatievisie en –ontwerpOpenbaar Lichaam Bonaire20 December 2019
BonaireManager DienstverleningVan Loon Recruitment16 December 2019
BonaireOpbouwwerker Integrale Wijkontwikkeling Openbaar Lichaam Bonaire13 December 2019
BonaireAnalist MLOFundashon Mariadal5 December 2019
BonaireDocent Scheikunde en NatuurkundeScholenGemeenschap Bonaire5 December 2019
ArubaSales Manager  Entrepreneur ArubaEntrepreneur Aruba23 November 2019
BonaireRedaktor OnlineCaribischNetwerk.com21 November 2019
BonaireRedacteur OnlineCaribischNetwerk.com21 November 2019
BonaireIntern begeleiderBasisschool De Pelikaan18 November 2019
BonaireMultimedia medewerker SSO-CNShared Service Organisatie Caribisch Nederland19 November 2019
BonaireFunctioneel Beheerder INDImmigratie- en Naturalisatiedienst Caribisch Nederland18 November 2019
BonaireMedewerker voorbereiding sociale verzekering SZWRijksdienst CN18 November 2019