Synergy in the human body

When you hear the word synergy, you probably think about collaboration, working together, about technology and these kind of subjects. I personally do think about teamwork: work related and sport related teamwork. As a physical therapist and sportsinstructor my interest lies in the field of the human body. Our human body consists of teams that have to work together. The hormonsystem, the  nerve system, blood and muscle system for example. They have to work together, literally to keep you moving! Without blood there is no oxygen for the muscles. And if your nerves don’t innervate the muscles of the legs, you cannot walk. As simple as that. 

I know the urgenty of teamwork between the systems in the human body. Moreover the urgenty of moving, exercising for your whole well-being. I am honestly happy that I can move whenever I want wherever I want, and yes I am very content that I can exercise everyday, I truly like that feeling of being out of breath and feel my muscles working. Let me take you back to the teams: if all the teams in your system are working you start to feel good, you will sweat, your heart is pumping liters of blood per minute, you will get warmer and so on (the hormons are doing their job, the skin and muscles are reacting etc.). I can tell you, this is a type of human synergy. Synergy means more than ‘working together’ it is a surplus: the muscles in your legs are contracting because you send that signal to your brain. But that includes you can walk out the door to do your groceries or picking up your friend , or use the restroom. That is synergy, it’s more than collaboration. It’s important for your independency in daily life that you can walk! But intern it means that if you walk the blood will come back to your heart and lungs faster than if you should be sitting all day. What happens it that during exercising your blood is transported back to your lungs so it will get oxygen again (by your circulatory system) and it will come into your heart so it can pump again blood through your body. Your bloodstream and vessels are healthy which means you develop less risks on heartdiseases, you’ll have a better skin, you feel less tired, you can handle more etc. That is the extra mile your body does if you take care of it by just moving! It’s improving its own systems.

Synergy in sport is very usefull too. If you image a cano with 4 sporters (K4) you do understand the teamwork surplus that is needed. You have to work as a team but also for that team. With every power and motivation you will have. There are independend tasks, coactively tasks, reactively tasks and interactively tasks. The canoers have to rely on eachother. Otherwise the race will not succeed and ends in a failure…

Teambuilding improves solidarity and improves the performance. Having a good-working team is important. In my opinion it’s an incredible performance itself that your body can improve its systems and the teamwork by just keep on moving. 

That is what I call human synergy.