Curacao Bankers Association Security Group’s End-of-Year Network Event 

Date: January 15th, 2024 

The Curaçao Bankers Association Security Group (CBA-S) recently hosted its esteemed end-of-year network event, marking a significant stride in its 15-year journey. The event, attended by representatives from all local banks and law enforcement agencies, was a testament to our collective commitment to fortifying our financial systems. 

Founded 15 years ago, the CBA-S Group realized the imperative need for a united front against the growing threats to local banks. This year’s gathering underscored the shared responsibility between banks and law enforcement agencies in safeguarding our financial infrastructure. 

As we face the challenges brought forth by technological advancements, our collaborative efforts become ever more crucial in understanding and mitigating associated risks. This event symbolized our collective resolve to ensure the strength, security, and readiness of our financial systems against all odds. 

The event saw the participation of key figures, including: 

Hank Coleman (Chief Security Officer, MCB Group) 

Raymond Ellis (Korps Chef Curacao) 

Urvin Werleman (Security Manager, Orco Bank and Aruba Bank / Chairman, Curacao Bankers Association Security) 

Gerold Daantje, and others. 

The event was not just a meeting but a reaffirmation of our commitment to a secure financial future for Curacao. Together, we stand ready to tackle any obstacles that come our way.