Google launches new job search function

More unemployment, more people looking for a new job. This was the perfect time for Google to launch their new, free search function, which should make it easier for job seekers to find a job via the search engine starting this week.

Many job seekers start their search for a new job through a search engine. Google also often plays a role in this. With the launch of a new function, the platform wants to make it possible from this week in the Netherlands to view three vacancies directly in the search results based on a search term and to search by hours and locations, for example, before they are referred to a other website. Google previously launched a similar function with, for example, Google Flights, to search for airline tickets.

“Advertisements are separate from the new search functionality,” emphasizes Martijn Bertisen of Google Netherlands. “Google does not use private information, recommendations based on the search history, skills or interests of the individual.” Users can, however, save their search preferences for a subsequent visit and can set up email notifications if they need to. Various partners, such as the national government, Monsterboard, Randstad and Nationale Vacaturebank have joined the initiative, which is open to everyone and already accessible in various countries.

Edo Zwaan of Randstad: “It contributes to simplifying the search for work and we embrace that.” Sharita Boon, commercial director at DPG Recruitment (Intermediary and National Vacancy Bank) confirms this: “The new search functionality helps to make the process clearer and easier, so that jobseekers can find relevant vacancies faster.” It is also useful for employers, says Boon. “It leads to better visibility of vacancies and more relevant candidates, so that they can find the right candidate even faster. A win-win situation. ”

Training and advertising credit

In collaboration with MKB Nederland, Google is also launching a training program this autumn that enables entrepreneurs to develop their digital skills. Bertisen: “We are that companies are now looking for information to increase the online visibility of their company, for example by starting a webshop.” Before the end of 2021, Google wants to help half a million Dutch entrepreneurs with training, products and services.

In addition to the new search function and training options, Google announced that they are making EUR 8.5 million available in the form of online advertising credits for SMEs and NGOs. “We realize that technology and training are not enough, but that companies also need financial resources,” said Bertisen. The amount made available is divided on the basis of the expenses incurred by the companies last year and at the beginning of this year.