working together for a clean Bonaire

Every day Selibon employees work hard to keep Bonaire clean. You can do your part to avoid litter and by doing so you become more aware of your own waste. Keeping Bonaire clean is something we have to do together.

What you can do:  

Do not put garbage bags or loose waste next to a waste container. This attracts pests. Moreover, Selibon employees will have trouble emptying the waste containers because your waste gets in the way.

Separate your bulky waste and dispose of it by taking it to the waste collection station or make an appointment to have your bulky waste collected by the Selibon for free.

Are you driving on the road? Then throw your trash in a trash can. This also applies to small garbage, such as cigarettes and chewing gum. Or just take your litter home.

What else you can do:

When you see litter or garbage that is next to a garbage can. Then throw this litter into the nearest garbage can. You yourself can dispose of this waste by throwing it into the garbage can if it fits in there or just report it to the Selibon. They will come to collect the garbage.

Take part in a clean-up campaign or start your own clean-up campaign in your neighborhood.

Why littering must be stopped:

Litter is bad for people, animals and the environment. Animals eat it or get entangled in it. It also attracts pests like rats. In addition, litter may pollute the soil. It takes a long time before litter disintegrates. For example, chewing gum only decomposes after 20 years. And plastic does not disintegrate at all, but gradually crumbles into very small pieces. Those little pieces end up in the water and via fishes and crustaceans they come into human food.