Profile ) Rafeli Croes

Rafeli Croes; Policy Advisor Aruba Chamber of Commerce and Industry

As policy advisor for the Chamber of Commerce Rafeli strives to provide clear information that is supported by facts and figures for all the stakeholders while providing guide towards pragmatic solutions. 

Rafeli was born and raised in our beautiful island of Aruba. After finishing VWO at Colegio Arubano he moved to the Netherlands to pursue further education. Rafeli successfully completed the study of International Business and Management at Hogeschool Inholland in Diemen. Rafeli spent 6 months in Krems Austria and during his studies he did 2 internships, one at a dock manufacturing company in Lelystad and another at the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam. After completing his study he moved to The Hague and started working at one of the ‘big 4’ accounting firms. A desire grew in Rafeli to obtain new work experience and he saw the opportunity to shift from a B2B environment towards B2C. He took the chance and worked a few years as Sales and Operations manager at a well-known fitness center on Aruba. Rafeli contributed on making it a household name on the island providing exceptional quality and service. Rafeli now works at the Chamber of Commerce where he faces new challenges that give satisfaction to be able to contribute to the (business) community through his work.

Rafeli enjoys spending time with his family. Working out at home or going for a run are physical activities he is fond of. Messing around with his guitar and playing a tune to entertain the kids is always fun. Hanging out with his friends for a beer and domino game or with his wife for a wine to unwind at home is something he is always ready for. 

Rafeli is proud to be part of the Chamber and to be able to contribute to shaping the future and services of the Chamber of Commerce. Aruba has a lot of potential and through the continuous development and innovations as seen through the Chamber of Commerce; he hopes that our entrepreneurs could get on board for a better business community in a thriving economy.

Name: Rafeli Croes

Company: Aruba Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Function: Policy Advisor Aruba Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Date and place of birth: September 1979, Aruba

Goal:   to do my utmost and contribute to the services that the Chamber provides in supporting the private sector and to help strengthen the bond
and collaboration between private and public sector. 

Passion: my family / fitness, well-being and sports / music and artworks

Books: The Alchemist, 1984, business best sellers

Movie: The Matrix, Pulp Fiction, The Dark Knight and Mulholland Drive

Music: Ranging from The Doors, Beatles, Elvis Presley and Bob Marley to Blink 182, Twenty one pilots, Eminem and Post Malone