Masterplan Bonaire

We all dream of a thriving future. A thriving future for our kids, our families, our friends and our neighborhoods. A thriving future where everybody has a satisfying job and where there is no poverty, a thriving future where the economy is flourishing and in balance with the nature and culture of Bonaire.

In the upcoming period the government of Bonaire, in collaboration with the stakeholders, will be working on creating this masterplan 2030 for Bonaire.

Bonaire Masterplan logo


On the 6th of November we will start with an inspiring and interactive day with great local and international speakers, taking us on a journey into the possible future of Bonaire.

On the 7th and 8th of November we will have workshops around different theme’s in our society, amongst others social economic, infrastructure, sustainable economy, education, sustainable tourism, culture, good governance and sustainable technology.

The days will be guided by Glenn Thode and Siagnee Evertsz.

Bonaire kids


The Kickoff Masterplan Event will take place at the Courtyard by Marriott hotel Bonaire.

For more information, please visit Masterplan Bonaire official website.

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