Plastic Awareness workshops for schoolchildren in Bonaire

Boneiru Duradero and Limpi Recycling organized on October 17th and 18th some plastic awareness workshops for school children on Bonaire.

Limpi Recycling creates innovative products from recycled plastic. The company was founded by Debrah and Mitchell. The two young entrepreneurs are keen schoolchildren learn to think “outside the box” and encourage them in order to become pioneers.

The workshop lasts 45 minutes and consists of a short interactive presentation which addresses the question of why plastic is such a big issue and how everyone can contribute to the solution. During the creative part, the children learn how plastic can be reused to create a

“work of art”.

Teachers of grades 7 and 8 can send an email to to register for one of six workshops held on October 17 and 18 during school hours. The workshops are sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund and therefore be offered free to schools.

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