Bridging information between partners

Data connection between Aruba Chamber of Commerce and other departments in the Public Sector has been a wish for a long time.
Will it become a reality?
One of the biggest issues that a startup is confronted with is the “red tape”. It is the dreaded bureaucracy that defines what happens with a request for a permit and at what pace progress is being made. Although registration is an official task, the Chamber of Commerce is not a department of the government. Therefore, the collaboration with several governmental entities is important for the services that the Chamber provides. The intention is to work together and to be able to process the many requests received among all parties involved.

Data Sharing to facilitate and speed up Requests
The last couple of years have been very successful in regard to achieving a common ground for data sharing. The Chamber has been lobbying and meeting with several stakeholders such as the Tax department, Economic Affairs, and a few others to discuss the benefits for having a data sharing agreement and how any risk can be mitigated. The Chamber has the duty to safeguard and maintain the information regarding the registration of legal entities and the foundations registry. Furthermore, information requested from governmental departments is always extracted and provided.
For the registration of entities the Chamber requires information from departments such as Economic Affairs or the Labor and Research department. Collaboration and data sharing has many benefits. The main reason for the Chamber to want access to shared information is to facilitate registrations and to make it easier for the entrepreneur to start a business or get a permit. It also is useful when doing research on sectors or doing a follow-up on the status of registered organizations. In some cases it functions as a reminder to update their information at the Chamber or as a warning that there is an open balance according to the administration of the Chamber.

Together everyone achieves more
As the saying goes, “together everyone achieves more”. Through data sharing that is exactly what is accomplished. The main obstacle that is mitigated by data sharing is delays in procedures. Data sharing facilitates the efficiency in time, the delivery of products, and services can take place faster. Furthermore, one can provide a better service because the information is readily available. Delays also cost money and through data sharing all the stakeholders can save money since all information is available at one location and there is no need to go back and forth to collect all the required documentation. This adds to a better service to the customer. The customers can enjoy having updated information and continue with their endeavors. Another possible benefit is the decrease in paperwork and the transparency between departments. For all the data sharing possibilities to be accomplished agreements have to be made on how the information will be used, stored and what security features are necessary. Security and safekeeping of information is crucial and this is a delicate topic, which is discussed between all the parties to ensure that private information remains intact and only the necessary information is made available in a data sharing collaboration. The Chamber will soon be providing a better service through the online portal. Entrepreneurs will reap from all the benefits of having faster access to their personal business information at the Chamber. Together with the future data sharing among departments in the public sector the red tape will slowly become a thing of the past.

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