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The driving force behind BLACK 

Emeli Colen is the driving force behind BLACK. Emeli is a real jack-of-all-trades. With her rational down-to-earth attitude she sees solutions and seldom problems. ‘I always look ahead and hardly ever back. It’s all about what your goal is, where you want to go.’

Through BLACK, Emeli combines her knowledge with experience to create workable solutions for other entrepreneurs and their employees by applying lifehacks. Efficiency, effectivity and productivity: that’s what BLACK is all about, because ‘It can always be done better and quicker’. Productivity Coach Emeli does this with a mission, from her home island of Curaçao. ‘I want to contribute to the professionalisation of the Caribbean Islands.’

Training courses
Since 2016, Productivity Coach Emeli Colen provides training in the field of focus and productivity according to several principles including Getting Things Done®, UseClark® and, since January 2019, Streamline Certified®. She is the only certified trainer in the Caribbean for these principles. 

VA Masterclass
Emeli’s career started in the Netherlands, at the age of 20; from receptionist to executive secretary. After she moved to Curaçao, she started to look for possibilities to continue as an executive secretary. Her search brought her to the term Virtual Assistant! And with that BLACK was born. ‘After some time, I discovered that my passion is in training and coaching others. This is how the VA Masterclass started in Curaçao. Helping others taking steps towards becoming a self-employed entrepreneur as a VA.’ At the moment we are offering this training online, so that the participants have more freedom in following the training.

Getting Things Done
‘As a VA, I could manage to get all tasks done, thanks to the Getting Things Done method. This was the start of where we are now with BLACK. GTD kept me going during hard times. Tasks both at a private and business level determined my agenda
and I wanted to take back control over my work and life. GTD did that for me.’ 

So, if this works so well for me, then why is it not yet available on the islands, Emeli wondered. That was for her the moment to approach the David Allen Company. Since April 2016, she has been providing GTD training courses in the former Netherlands Antilles and after following a certification procedure she obtained her trainer certificate through Arjan Broere of Meereffect.

Through the GTD Principle, Emeli teaches you how to get and keep grip, on processing of the massive amount of (digital) information coming our way daily. You learn not to be guided by what is coming your way but to stay in control of your own time – of your own life. GTD is not only about time management but also about personal development, as a result of which you will have time left for the things you enjoy and which are important to you.

“At the start of 2017 I got in touch with Mark Tigchelaar from UseClark, a wonderful product that I became keen on as a Productivity Coach”

‘At the start of 2017 I got in touch with Mark Tigchelaar from UseClark, a wonderful product that I became keen on as a Productivity Coach.’ It led to the creation of a new cooperation and after a year, Emeli became the Master Trainer for the Caribbean.

With UseClark, we take you into the world of the brain, focus, speed-reading and memory training.
Because the world moves faster than ever before. We are always informed of the latest news and are in direct connection with the whole world.
It is not always easy to process all that information, to switch continuously and to keep a clear head. 

We all know the feeling: while you are reading, your thoughts wander off and halfway through the page you have no idea what you just read. You are not the only one! Based on new insights into neuropsychology, UseClark has developed tools you can use to excel in this digital world. 

‘Sometimes, it’s time for change.’ We recently renewed our website and we continuously expand the courses we offer. We are proud to announce that as per January 2019, Emeli is the certified trainer of Streamline Certified for the islands. Streamline Certified is about streamlining communication by means of a few clear steps. As a result you achieve more with less effort. We hope that the training courses we offer will contribute to the efficiency of entrepreneurs and their employees in creating peace and space in their lives. ‘In short, BLACK will continue to build what we are good at: increasing the islands’ professionalisation!’ 

For more information about our courses, please visit our website, email to or call +5999 844 0060.

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