Aruba) Kawish Misier

Kawish Baidjnath Misier, vice President of the Chamber of Commerce Aruba.

To stimulate and develop Aruba’s business sector and economy and represent the future generation of our island. The Aruba Chamber of Commerce enables him to act on this notion by being a representative of the young entrepreneurs of Aruba. That way he can share his knowledge
and execute his ideas.

Kawish Misier is born in the Netherlands and raised on Aruba. From an early age, he was interested in becoming an entrepreneur. Throughout the years, he saw a good market opportunity and venture out into the entrepreneur’s world in 2009, when he decided to start his own business “Eco Power Cleaning”. Afterwards, he was engaged in many other business projects in the area of real estate, transportation and marketing. More recently, in January 2017, he was elected to become an official board member of the Aruba Chamber of Commerce. He takes part in the commissions: tourism and transport, e-commerce, ROPV, and young entrepreneurs. In July 2017, Kawish Misier was unanimously elected as the Vice-President of the Aruba Chamber of Commerce. As he always wanted to contribute his ideas and knowledge as bestas he could to the business environment of Aruba, he is happy, that he finally has a platform to do so. 

One of his future ambitions is to become President of the Aruba Chamber of Commerce. Sharing the organization’s vision to become the Caribbean’s number one Chamber of Commerce, future projects include the implementation of ICT-infrastructure, which will allow customers to
submit and track information about new companies. Other goals involve the reduction of red tape to start new businesses and to offer more incentives and education to aspiring entrepreneurs. Stimulating the rise of entrepreneurs will benefit Aruba according to Misier, because the more entrepreneurs, the more competition, and this will result in the creation of better and cheaper products and services to the community.
Besides his duties as a board member of the Chamber of Commerce, he intends to develop his career as an entrepreneur by using Aruba as a hub for his international business.

Name: Kawish Misier
Company: Aruba Chamber of Commerce
Function: Vice-President
Date of birth and place: June, 1990, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Goal: To help improve the business environment of Aruba
reading, sports, sustainable development, innovation and hanging out with friends.
Books: Articles on different topics
Movie: No specific favorite, however, the genre is usually action,  adventure or comedyy
Music: All kinds of music, but rap has always intrigued him, because
of its in many cases poetic and improvising nature.

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